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PEMF & LASER Therapy

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy and Cold Laser therapy

B-quine PEMF and cold laser therapy machine


Stimulates Lymphatic system


Improves Movement


Relieves pain


Reduces inflammation


Faster recovery


Better performance


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Treat and prevent

PEMF can be used to treat and prevent 

  • Tendon and ligament injuries

  • Chronic hock soreness

  • Sore back and stifles

  • Muscle swelling and inflammation

Cold Laser Therapy 

808 nm will be used to treat deep tissue issues, such as tendons. As it has to ability to penetrate skin and soft/hard tissue. This light will have a positive effect on pain, inflammation and tissue repair.

650 nm will be used to treat more superficial problem. It penetrates the skin on a lower lever and kills bacteria. This light can treat problems such as fungus, scratches or other skin problems. 

  • Promotes wound healing and tissue repair

  • Supports collagen production

  • Reduces swelling and inflammation

  • Improves joint health

  • Improves physical performance

  • Helps sport injury muscle recovery

  • Pain relief with analgesic effect

  • Decreases muscle spasm

B-quine PEMF and cold laser therapy machine


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